Why should you clean your database?

A little spring cleaning can help your database to provide more relevant marketing campaigns and maintain a better email sending reputation. For SMS campaigns, it means that you aren't spending money on low-quality recipients.

How to get rid of low-quality data

To get rid of low-quality data, we recommend regularly archiving guests who are inactive.

An easy wait to do this is to head to your guest database and add a new filter for guests who haven't visited in a certain amount of days.

In this example, I am filtering for guests who haven't visited the venue in 180 days. At this point, they're unlikely to be a relevant recipient of your email or SMS marketing. You should have a little think about what makes sense for your business 🧐

With these guests selected, you can now easily archive them.

Voilà! Your database has been cleaned. Remember, you don't necessarily lose any data when you archive guests. If they revisit your venue, their guest profile (and all of its data) will appear again.

To make life just a little easier, you should create a segment for low-quality data, so that you can easily periodically archive these guest profiles.

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