Setting up your WiFi unlock password

Set up a password for your guests to re-gain access to your WiFi

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Password Bypass

Setting up a password will allow your guests to bypass the time limit originally set up.

If Enable Password Bypass is turned off, once your guests have reached their time limit, they will be unable to reconnect to your WiFi:

If you wish to allow your guests to bypass your WiFi time limits, you would need to tick Enable Password Bypass:

If you set a password under Password you can change your password manually as often as you like:

Password Rotation

Setting up Password Rotation will provide your team with a new password automatically. You are able to receive new passwords hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. The new password will be sent to each email registered under teammates.

If you choose to set up hourly password rotation, this will encourage your guests to reorder. The password can be distributed to your guests upon reordering.

Password Rotation Email

When your password rotates, you will receive the following email:

Password Restrictions - Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do my time limits reset? Time limits reset every night at midnight

  • If a guest enters the password, how long do they have internet? After a guest's WiFi browsing time is up, if they were to enter the password to regain access, they would then have unlimited browsing for the day

  • Are WiFi limits available on all installation methods? WiFi limits are available on both Plug & Play and UniFi

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