If you'd like to regrant access to your guest WiFi you can enable the Password Bypass option. This allows your guest to enter a password once they've reached their limit and re-connect to your WiFi...

If the Password Bypass section is turned off, your guests will be unable to reconnect to your WiFi.

Automatic Password Rotation

To set up automatic passwords on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis follow the below steps:

  • Select 'Enable Password Bypass' this allows your guests to enter a password in order to gain access to your WiFi.

  • Next, you'll need to chose whether to automatically generate a new password Daily, Weekly or Monthly. The new password will be sent to all staff members signed up to your Beambox account.

  • If you'd prefer to manually change your venue password be sure to keep the Password Rotation feature switched off. You can then set and change your password when convenient for your team.

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