What is a guest profile?

Get to know your guests

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A guest profile allows you to view a timeline of how your guests have interacted with your venue. The information shown on your guest's profiles will depend on the information they are required to enter when logging into your WiFi for the first time.

We also collect some information about their device, for both compliance and convenience. This allows us to automatically log them in, the next time they connect to your WiFi.

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Viewing your guest profiles

You can view your guest profiles within the Guests tab located at the top of the dashboard:

Note: You will automatically be taken to the Guests tab upon logging in.

  • Click on a guest to see their guest profile:

What will your guest profile show?

A guest profile will show you an overview of the information you've collected, including:

  • Your customer's individual Loyalty Score

  • How many times they've visited your venue

  • The last device used to connect to your Wifi

  • An overview of how they've interacted with your marketing πŸ‘‡

Unsubscribe, block, archive or edit your guest's information.

Searching for a guest profile πŸ‘‡

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to find a certain guest using their name or email address.

Note: This is useful if you need to unsubscribe, block, tag or edit your guest's information.

The search term will be matched against the guest's full name and email address.

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