A guest profile is a set of data on a guest who has logged into your WiFi. 

When a guest first connects to your WiFi, we collect some basic personal, marketing and demographic data about them. We also collect some information about their device, for both compliance and convenience, so that we can log them in automatically next time.

The guest profile lets us plot a timeline of how the guest has interacted with your venue and brand. For example, we can determine when and how often they have visited by detecting their device. We can also tell you when they have liked your social media pages.

The point of a guest profile is to create a bird eye view of an individual customer, with smart data that allows you to engage in more productive and targeted marketing that benefits the guest.

Viewing your guest profiles

You can view your guest profiles by heading to the 'Guests' link in the menu. Here you will find a list of all guest profiles, with buttons to go to the full profile.

Searching for guest profiles

You can use the search bar at the top of every page in Mission Control to find a certain guest. This is useful if you need to block or unsubscribe a particular guest.

The search term will be matched against the guests full name and email address.

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