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How to request additional Plug & Play Beamboxes for your venue
How to request additional Plug & Play Beamboxes for your venue

Ordering and installing additional Beambox hardware for your account

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If you require additional Plug & Play Beambox hardware for your venue's location, just reach out to us here πŸ‘ˆ

We will ask you for a few details, for example, the best shipment address for the new hardware if different from the one on your account.

Additional Plug & Play Beambox cost

A one-off fee will be charged per additional Plug & Play Beambox, this fee will be collected upon processing the new hardware order. Pricing includes the shipping fee however, any customs fees that may incur outside of the UK, Europe, USA and Canada will not be covered by Beambox.

Extending the coverage of your Beambox network

To extend your Beambox WiFi coverage throughout your venue you would need to plug in and set up your Beambox Plug & Play routers in the areas where you require the additional coverage.

As per the installation guide, all Plug & Play Beamboxes need to be plugged into an active LAN port in order to work. You can check out the installation guide here for more information on the set-up requirements including how to activate your Beambox hardware.

What's in the box?

Here's what's included when you order a new Plug & Play Beambox:

  • Plug & Play Beambox

  • PoE adapter

  • 2 network cables

  • Wall mounting kit

  • Instruction manual

Please note, if you just require an extension of coverage only, you do not need to add a new location to your account, ordering an additional Plug & Play Beambox will suffice.

However, if you're wanting Beambox WiFi in another one of your business locations and these locations will share the same branding, then you can go ahead and set up a new location. You will receive one free Plug & Play Beambox per location.

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