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Installing your Plug & Play Beambox
Installing your Plug & Play Beambox

How to use your plug and play Beambox for the first time

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The contents of your box will include the following items:

  • 1x Beambox access point

  • 2x Network cables

  • 1x Power socket adapter

  • 1x Mounting kit

  • 1x Instructions manual

Every Beambox is configured and tested in advance, so installation shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. Beambox is also designed to work in any network scenario, with support for both PoE-enabled switches and standard routers.

Connecting Beambox to your router

Beambox is tried and tested with all common routers, including 3G/4G routers for businesses that require remote connectivity.


Let's get started:

  1. Connect the first network cable to the Data In port on the PoE switch (the plug) to an active LAN port on your WiFi router

  2. Connect the second network cable from the Data & Power Out port on the PoE switch (the plug) to the WAN/POE port on your Plug & Play Beambox

  3. Connect to the Beambox network name and follow the instructions in the pop-up

Note: If you don't receive a pop-up, please forget the network and try connecting again.

Entering your PIN code

When you connect to the Beambox network for the first time, you'll be asked to enter your PIN code. This is a unique code that corresponds to your account and location. It is all your Plug & Play Beambox needs to synchronise with your account:

Where is my PIN code?

You can find your PIN code on your dashboard by clicking the Get your PIN Code button:

You can also find your PIN code by heading to Locations:

  • Once your account PIN code has been entered, you will be re-directed back to a list of your available WiFi networks. You may see the network Beambox appear, however, do not click this network and wait for your business network name to display instead.

  • Once your Beambox network name is displayed within your WiFi settings on your device, please choose this network. Your Network Name can be changed on step 1 of your 5 step set-up:

Need help?

Don't panic! Our team are Beambox Plug & Play experts and can help you navigate any setup issues you may be facing. First of all, use the button below to check out our most common Plug & Play setup issues πŸ‘‡


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