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How to sign up a client as a Beambox Partner
How to sign up a client as a Beambox Partner

Choose how you would like to sign up client's for their 30-day free trial

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Our Beambox Partners have two options when creating client accounts. They can either manage the accounts and billing and invoice the client separately, or you can provide a unique link to your clients so they can sign up themselves. Both options can be actioned from your Partner Dashboard.

Signing up your clients directly from your Partner Portal is best if:

  • You are going to be the primary manager of the account

  • You wish to take control of the billing entirely

  • You provide a more integrated solution

Signing up a client on their behalf doesn't prohibit you from inviting your clients to have access to the account. You have the option to provide certain limitations on what your clients can see on their accounts depending on the level of service you're providing.

Providing your clients with your unique partner sign-up link is best if the client will be managing the account themselves. This includes billing.

Option 1: Your customers sign up themselves

Copy and paste the unique link under option 1: 'Your customers are signing up themselves' on your partner dashboard. You'll need to send this link to your clients:

This will allow your customers to manage their own billing and price plan.

Option 2: Creating an account on behalf of your clients

You can easily create a new account anytime from your partner dashboard.

  • Head to and login

  • Select option 2: 'You are signing up for your customers' on your Partner Dashboard and choose the 'New Account' option:

  • Once created, the account will show up immediately under 'Your customers':

Inviting your customers to access the account

When signing up clients yourself, you will often need to provide access to the end customer, while concealing certain areas such as billing. Beambox supports permission-based teammate access on all plans. Please use the guide below to invite your clients to their account.

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