Most of the time, Beambox Partners like to manage the accounts and billing themselves, to have more control over their accounts.

In this case, you can manually create a new account straight from your partner dashboard.

This account creation method is suitable if...

  • You are going to be the primary manager of the account

  • You wish to take control of the billing entirely

  • You provide a more integrated solution

As with any account you bring in, you will receive the full commissions when creating accounts manually.

Creating a new account

You can easily create a new account at any time from your partner dashboard.

  1. Head to and login

  2. Click the 'New Account' button

  3. Follow the instructions

Once created, the account will show up immediately under your partner accounts overview.

Inviting your customers to access the account

Often, partners using this method of creating accounts will need to provide access to the end customer, while concealing certain areas such as billing.

Beambox supports permission-based teammate access on all plans. Please use the guide below to invite your end customers to your account.

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