Understanding loyalty scores

How loyalty scores are calculated and what they mean

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What is a loyalty score?

Every guest has a loyalty score, designed to represent their loyalty to your brand. It's an important metric that represents the efforts of your marketing to convert new guests into loyal customers.

If you've used other marketing platforms before, you may be familiar with scoring systems. What makes the Beambox Loyalty Score unique is its ability to include how a guest engages with your venue, not just your marketing.

This makes it a highly accurate metric to measure the prowess of your marketing, which is why we include your average loyalty score in the weekly recap email.

What changes the loyalty score?

The following events are used to calculate the loyalty score πŸ‘‡

  • Tracked Visit

  • WiFi Login

  • Email Open

  • Email Click

  • Review

When we calculate the loyalty score, we look back at how many of these events have occurred in the last 180 days and use them to calculate the loyalty score based on their weighted importance.

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