Verify your guest's data

Automatically verify your guests email addresses and phone numbers

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Setting up email and phone verification on step 2 of your 5-step setup will ensure the guest information you're capturing is genuine.

How do we verify emails?

Maintaining a database of quality emails is important to ensure your sender reputation stays high.

With email verification enabled, we run an SMTP check which ensures that the mailbox exists and is ready to receive your emails. This happens in a matter of seconds and keeps the guest experience frictionless.

Sometimes, email providers don't let us check whether the mailbox exists. In Relaxed mode, we let emails pass through if the provider doesn't give us this information.

In Strict mode, we require explicit confirmation from the domain that the mailbox exists and is deliverable.

How do we verify phone numbers?

To verify phone numbers, we run validations to ensure that the phone number entered is in the correct format based on the country code selected.

This ensures that only phone numbers in the correct format can be added to your database.

If a guest enters an invalid phone number, they will be prompted to re-enter it.

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