Your WiFi login is an important stage that allows you to quickly connect with your guests through 3 different login methods. You can control which methods they can use.

If you'd like to capture a more comprehensive list of data you can use our login form.

Managing your form fields

With Beambox, you can completely customise your email form to capture the data that matters to your venue. Select the Configure your form fields button to get started

Adding a new Form Field

To add a new form field, select Add a new field and click on the form field that you would like to add.

Adding a Custom Field

To add a brand new custom field, select Add a custom Field

When adding a Custom Field, you will need to choose the name for your field and the type of field you would like to add

Types of Custom Field

The types of form fields we support are:

  • Text

  • Number

  • Select

  • Date

  • Yes or No

Optional Form Fields

Give your customers the option of form fields they would like to fill out by using the circle icon on the right-hand side of your form field

Note: A first name and email address are the two mandatory form fields your customers are required to enter

Removing a login field

To remove a login field, select Configure your form fields and choose the bin icon next to the field you'd like to remove.

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