Personalise your landing page

Customise your WiFi landing page to reflect your branding

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You can brand the entire WiFi experience for your guests with your logo, colours and images in Step 1 of your WiFi setup.

Your Company Name

Your company name will be preset to the name of the company entered when signing up for your Beambox account

Your Network Name

Your network name can be changed if required. This is the network name your customers will use to identify your WiFi network. Make sure you only have one WiFi network using this name

Uploading your Logo

To upload your company logo, click the box under Add A Logo

Changing your Logo Size

Under Logo Size, use the slider to determine the size you would like your logo to be

Setting up your Logo Position

Under Logo Position, you can choose to have your logo to the left, centre or right of your login page

Setting up your Container Colour

Choose your container colour by clicking the pen icon under Container Colour

Choosing your Container Opacity

You can decider the opacity of your container colour by using the Container Opacity slider

Choosing your Container Edge

Container Edges correspond to the form of your container. There are 3 different container edges to choose from

The Container Edge you select will reflect on each corner of your container, on each login page

Choosing Your Font Type

You are able to pick a custom font by selecting the drop-down menu under Select A Font

Choosing A Text Colour

To choose your text colour, select the pen icon under Text Colour

Picking your Accent Colour

To choose your accent colour, select the pen icon under Accent Colour

Choosing a Background Image

Your background image will be used across all of your WiFi login pages. To upload a background image hover over the Image button located under Background

Note: For image uploads, the max file size is 5MB and the file types accepted are PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Choosing a Background Colour

Your background colour will be used across all of your WiFi login pages. To upload a background colour, hover over the Colour button located under Background

Under Pick A colour, go ahead and choose your background colour

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