Translating your WiFi login

Easily translate your WiFi login pages with Beambox

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Translate your WiFi login

We've now made it easier for you to accommodate guests from all over the world.

To get started head over to your 5-step set-up located on your Beambox Dashboard under Capture

Next, you'll need to choose Guest WiFi

Add in your chosen languages

Select the globe icon 🌐 next to the sections you'd like translated and add your chosen languages accompanied by the translation...

Removing a language

To remove a language select the 🌐 icon next to the field you'd like to change and select the x in the top-right hand corner

How does Beambox know which language to use?

Beambox automatically detects your customer's browser language. If this language has been added to your WiFi login, then your WiFi login will be translated automatically.

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