Segment your guest database

Easily group your guests into filtered segments

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Within the "Capture" tab, head to "Guests" where you are able to view your entire guest database and easily group your guests into different segments.

Segments allow you to categorize your guests into certain criteria. You can add/change and amend your filters on each customer segment to create targeted marketing audiences.

Your Segments can also be used for;

  • Keeping tabs on what type of guests make up your database

  • Creating re-usable audiences for your Blasts

  • Triggering Integrations and Interaction emails when guests enter a segment

  • Export a particular group of guests

When do they update?

When you view a segment within your guest database it will give you an instantaneous view of the guests that belong there.

When using segments as a trigger for Interactions or any of our integrations, the segment will update in real time.

The difference between default and custom segments

By default, your Beambox guest database will have 4 individual segments, as well as 3 example custom segments.

Default segments

  • 🌎 All Guests

  • πŸ™‚ New Guests

  • πŸ€‘ Loyal Guests

  • 😟 Lost Guests

Custom segments

  • πŸŽ‚ Upcoming Birthdays

  • βœ‰οΈ Emails

  • πŸ“ž Phone Numbers

While default segments and custom segments behave in similar ways, the main difference is default segments cannot be updated or deleted. This is because Beambox insights rely on default segments to provide you with powerful demographic analytics.

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