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Installing Beambox on your Meraki dashboard

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Installing Beambox on your Cisco Meraki dashboard is quick and easy. It takes just a few minutes to get started and will begin displaying your branded WiFi login on your chosen network. Our integration is API-based and automated, which means you need no technical understanding to get started with Beambox on your Meraki networks.

Beambox will automatically configure the splash portal settings, as well as the access control settings to ensure your WiFi login works as expected. After a successful login, Beambox will then authenticate the guest's device on your dashboard at lightning speed ⚡️

When setting up the Meraki integration, our team will need 3 things from you:

  1. Your network name

  2. The SSID you want your WiFi login to be active on

  3. An API key so that Beambox can interact with your dashboard

Generating an API key

An API key is a secure code that allows us to interact with your dashboard. To generate one, first, go to Organisation > Settings. Scroll down to API access and check Enable access to the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API. Then, click on the 'Profile' link underneath the checkbox.

Once in the profile settings, scroll down to API Access and select Generate new API key. Copy the API key and send it over to our team, along with the network name and SSID.

Activating Beambox

After signing up for a trial, you will receive an email with the instructions to get started. Simply respond to this email with the information above (Network name, SSID and API key). We can activate Beambox immediately for you, or you can provide a time that best suits you. 

Once activated, your WiFi login will immediately begin showing to your guests when they connect. You'll be able to overview, customise and manage your WiFi login at any time from your Beambox account.

Need help?

Don't panic! Our team are Cisco Meraki experts and can help you navigate any setup issues you may be facing. First of all, use the button below to check out our most common Cisco Meraki setup issues.

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