Installing Beambox on your UniFi controller is quick and easy. It takes just a few minutes to get started and will begin displaying your branded WiFi login on your chosen UniFi site and wireless network.

Preparing your UniFi controller

Beambox requires your UniFi controller to be remotely accessible. This cannot be a local-only controller, or a cloud access account. This is important, as our integrator has to be able to reach your controller at all times to authorise your guests.

There are a few options to launch your cloud controller...

  1. Use to quickly deploy a managed cloud controller in just a few minutes
  2. Port-forward your controller hardware (such as a cloud key, USG or UDM) on 8443 or 443 so that your controller can be accessed remotely
  3. Self-deploy for free using the official UniFi guide (advanced)

Beambox will automatically configure the guest portal settings, using the UniFi external portal server feature. After a successful login, Beambox will then authenticate the guest's device on your dashboard at lightning speed ⚡️

Activating your UniFi integration

After signing up for a trial, you will be presented with the Beambox UniFi integrator on your dashboard. You'll need to complete 3 fields:

  • Controller URL - This is the hostname or I.P that you use to reach your controller. It should start with https:// and end with a port, most commonly 8443 or 443.
  • Username - The username for an admin account on your UniFi controller.
  • Password - The password for an admin account on your UniFi controller.

Once entered select 'Load Sites' and select the site that you want to activate Beambox on. Your guest control settings will only be configured for this site. Click 'Activate Beambox' to finish your integration.

Enabling Beambox on your wireless network

Now that we have successfully completed the integration, the only thing left to do is to enable guest policies on the wireless networks that you want Beambox to be active on.

And that's it! You can now test out your wireless network and see Beambox in action.

Updating your UniFi integration

To update your UniFi integration, head to 'Locations' on your Beambox dashboard. Select the dropdown for your location and click 'Update UniFi Integration'.

Need help?

Don't panic! Our team are UniFi experts and can help you navigate any setup issues you may be facing. First of all, use the button below to check out our most common UniFi setup issues.

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