Importing a guest database

Import an existing database from a .CSV file

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Importing your guest database allows you to immediately categorise your guest list and start sending targeted email marketing.

Want to know how to import your existing guest database into Beambox? Let's dive in!

  • First up, head to your Guests tab.

  • Next, select the Add new guests button in the top left-hand corner.

  • Choose the Add Guest option if you're looking to import one, or just a few guests. Alternatively, to import a guest list, select Import Guests:

  • To import your guest list hover over the below box, you'll then be prompted to choose your guest database file:

Things to note when importing your guest database

Once you have uploaded your guest list, you will be redirected to a preview page that shows how your data is structured. You will then need to match the data columns from your import list to your Beambox data columns:




Standard email format (e.g


International phone number format with country code prefix, e.g +15427443110

Full Name

Complete name, which we will split into a first name and last name.

First Name

First name only.

Last Name

Last name only.


The date of the birthday. Use the data format dropdown to match your format.


Either "Male" or "Female".


The guests country, such as "United States".


If the guest is opted-in to marketing. "Yes" and "True" means the guest is subscribed. Everything else means they are opted-out.


If the guest is opted-out of marketing. "Yes" and "True" means the guest is unsubscribed. Everything else means they are opted-in.

  • Once you have matched your data columns, choose: Approve Import:

Note: Any errors or duplicates found will be listed under the Import Summary:

  • You can now view your imported guests by selecting View Guests:

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