Unsubscribing a guest

How to unsubscribe a guest from your database

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Beambox automatically keeps a record of whether your guests are opted in to receive marketing emails and SMS messages. This is used to ensure compliant email and SMS sending within the Beambox platform.

Note: It also is used in our integrations and exporting features to make sure you only receive opted-in profiles.

To get started you'll need to locate the guest within your Beambox guest database by following these steps:

Note: We recommend searching for the guest using their name or email address. You can choose which filter you require on the drop-down menu:

Searching for a guest using their name

To search for a guest using their name, select the following filters:

  • Full Name

  • Contains

  • Then enter the customer's full name or part of their full name

  • Select Done

Searching for a guest using their email address

To search for a customer using their email address or part of their email address, select the following filters:

  • Email

  • Contains

  • Then enter the customer's full email address or a part of their email address

  • Select Done

Any guests that match your criteria will now display within your guest database:

  • Click on the guest in question to be taken to their guest profile:

  • Select the three dots located in the top right-hand side of the guest profile and choose Unsubscribe:

  • A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm you would like to unsubscribe this guest. To unsubscribe the guest select Yes, unsubscribe this guest!

The guest's Subscribed status will now change automatically:

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