Your WiFi login is an important stage that allows you to quickly connect your guests through 3 different login methods. You can control which methods they can use.

Change your title & body

You can customise the greeting your guests are met with. Plus, your text area can be extended to provide any information or message that you want your guests to see.

Change your login methods

We recommend keeping all login methods. We have found 3 login methods to be the optimal number, with email, Facebook and Twitter providing the best coverage. If you do need to remove a login method, you can do so by unchecking it.

When a guest logs in with Facebook or Twitter, they authorise us to pull some basic information from their personal profile. This includes name, email, birthday and any basic demographic data available.

Note: Facebook login is currently disabled on Macbook due to a incompatibility with the captive portal handler. We are waiting for a fix from Facebook.


Managing your form fields

With Beambox, you can completely customise your email form to capture the data that matters to your venue. Select the 'Manage your form fields' button to get started.

From here, you can..

  • Rearrange the order that form fields display in, by drag and dropping each form field
  • Rename your form field, by clicking on the existing label and updating it
  • Remove unneeded form fields, by selecting the bin icon on the right-hand side of a form field

Adding new form fields

To add a new form field, select 'Add a new field' and click on the form field that you would like to add.

We currently support the following standard fields..

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Date of birth

If you want to collect another form field, then simply select 'Add a custom field' to add your own form fields. You'll then be able to add it to your form, as with any standard field.

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