You have full control over when guests can use your WiFi, as well for how long and at what speed. It's important that the limits you set are well considered, so that it works for both your business and your guests.

If the guest meets a limit, they are redirected to a lock page instead of being able to login. On the lock page, they have to enter a password to regain access to your WiFi.

For example, a cafe can set a 2 hour time limit. When the guest connects again they are met with the lock page, letting them know that if they order another drink they can receive the unlock password.

Changing the title & body

If a guest meets a time limit or is blocked from your network, the lock page will be displayed. Use the title and body to explain why they are seeing the page.

Bandwidth limits

Set download and upload limits based on bandwidth usage. This is a dynamic limit and is a maximum, if there are less people using your guest WiFi, Beambox will minimise the bandwidth footprint. 

Download speed is the most important limit, as this is determined by visiting websites, streaming media or downloading files. We advise leaving it as unlimited unless you have a bandwidth allowance or are experiencing congestion.

Note: To find your average download speed, go to If you decide to set a limit, we recommend setting it as 30-50% of your average speed.

Upload speed is less important, we recommend setting a flat limit (e.g 10Mbps) or leaving it as unlimited.

Access hours

Once access hours are set, guests that try to use the WiFi outside of the access hours will be presented with your lock page.

We recommend setting access hours to match, or be similar to your business hours. Doing this will prevent your WiFi from being used by nearby devices outside of your operating hours.

Time limit

Setting a time limit will give your guests an internet allowance, per day, where they can use your WiFi. 24 hours is the default, which provides guests with unlimited access throughout the day.

When the limit is met, they will be kicked from the network and will be prompted with the lock page. 

Note: Time limits reset every night at midnight.

Unlock Password

Set a password for guests to bypass the limits. We recommend keeping it simple and changing it monthly (or more regularly if possible). Avoid using spaces, capital letters or symbols.


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