When customers connect to your WiFi, you can add a step which asks them to follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook to finish the connection.

Your guests will only receive the social prompt if they logged in with the social network. For example, only Facebook logins will receive the Facebook like prompt.

To enable social growth, you must add your social page URL for at least one of the social networks.

It's important that your social page link is in the correct format, otherwise it will take longer to activate as a our team will have to change it.

Your social page link should be a full website address that goes to your company page, it should start with 'https://'.

For example, this link will work:

But these will not work:

The same applies for Twitter links.

Tracking your results

It's always great to know exactly how many likes you're getting, so we track every like or follow you get through Beambox.

You can see the results in real-time straight from your Beambox dashboard, or look out for the report in the weekly email we send you.


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