You can brand the entire WiFi experience for your guests with your logo, colours and images. It creates a more professional WiFi login that leaves a lasting impression.

Your Company Name

This should be the recognisable brand name of your company. It will be used across the WiFi login flow when referencing your company.

Your Colours

Pick colours that contrast each other. For example, a light background and a dark text colour. Make sure the text is readable against the background. We highly recommend having a contrast between the primary and secondary colour.

Add your logo to all of your WiFi login pages. Here are some tips to make your logo look at it's best. 

  • Ensure your logo has a transparent background
  • Remove any blank space surrounding your logo
  • The max file size is 5MB and the file types accepted are PNG, JPEG and GIF

Your Background Image

Your background image will be used across all of your WiFi login pages. It should compliment your colours nicely and shouldn't be too busy as to distract the guest from the login page.

Note: For image uploads, the max file size is 5MB and the file types accepted are PNG, JPEG and GIF. 

Background Opacity

Use this slider to alter the opacity of your primary colour. Useful if you have a great background that you want to shine through, or if you want to make the login box a solid colour. If adding opacity, make sure text is still clear and easy to read.

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