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Plug & Play Troubleshooting

Having problems with your Plug & Play Beambox? Let's solve them!

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If you are having problems getting your Plug & Play Beambox working as expected, the first thing you should do is check your wiring is set up correctly:

Data In = This network cable needs to be connected to your main router from the PoE switch (the plug)

Data & Power Out = This cable needs to be connected to the WAN/POE port on your Plug & Play Beambox from the PoE switch (the plug)

If your Beambox is not being provided with a network connection from your main router, the light on the front will flash continually. When it goes solid, this means your Beambox has an internet connection and is ready to go.

What are your symptoms?

My network name says [OFFLINE]

This means that your Beambox Plug & Play is not being provided with an internet connection from your router/modem. Double-check your wiring and make sure that it is installed correctly.

You may also want to check your router firewalls.

My network name is not showing at all

Check the network name you picked in your setup. Make sure it isn't the same as any existing networks.
If it isn't, ensure that your wiring is correct and that the light is showing on your Beambox.

My network name is showing as 'Beambox' instead of my chosen name

This means your Beambox does not have an internet connection from your main router/modem.

Please double-check the wiring and make sure your main router isn't blocking Beambox from connecting.

I can connect to the WiFi, but my login page doesn't show up at all

Make sure that your main router/modem does not have any firewalls that could be blocking Beambox.

Forget the network on the device you're trying to connect with, change the network name in your Beambox setup and then wait 5 minutes and try to connect again.

The lights are not coming on when my Beambox is plugged in

First, please make sure your wiring is exactly the same as in the diagram.

Check the small lights on the back of the Beambox - Are they on? If not, it is most likely a wiring issue.

If you believe you have a hardware fault, please let us know.

Still having problems?

Please send us a message with the last 4 digits of the MAC code located on the back of your Plug & Play Beambox πŸ‘‡

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