If you are looking to cancel Beambox, have you first checked our plans to make sure there isn't a better-suited option? Our plans are designed to be suitable for any use case.

Haven't used your Beambox yet?

If you haven't used your Beambox yet, let us know by live support or email and we can provide you with a trial extension to give you the chance to try Beambox again.

Still want to cancel?

We will be sad to see you go but we understand ☹️To cancel, our equipment will need to be returned to our offices at:

1 Buckingham Place
Clifton, Bristol
BS8 1LH, United Kingdom

Once received our team will process your Beambox and cancel the account, including your billing details. Please add a note with your company name or/and email.

Note: Upon cancellation of the account, all data associated to it is removed for compliance. This includes any marketing data you have collected, please export this beforehand to avoid any loss.


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