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Changing installation method
Changing installation method

How to switch from one installation method to another

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Depending on the installation method you're currently set up with on your Beambox account, and how many locations you have, you can go ahead and change your installation method directly from your account.

You will need to contact us if your current installation method is a Plug & Play Beambox and you would like to switch to a different installation method on the account.

If you're using one of the above installation methods and have multiple locations on your account, then you are able to change installation methods, directly from your account.

  • Select the three small dots located in the top right-hand corner:

  • Select Remove:

Please note, if you only have one location on your account, you will need to add a new location if you would like to switch installation methods. Please then contact us to remove the old location 👍

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