As an approved Beambox Partner, you will have your own branded landing page that you can use to create new accounts.

This account creation method is suitable if...

  • Your customers are going to be managing the accounts themselves

  • Your customers are going to be paying directly to Beambox

  • You have a more hands-off approach with your customers

When somebody visits the landing page, they can sign up there and then. If they do, they will be automatically associated with your partner account.

However, they may leave and then come back again, possibly to a different Beambox page. To make sure that you still get the credit for this, we have a 60-day cookie which is created for everybody who visits your landing page.

This means that if somebody visits your landing page, leaves and then comes back to Beambox 60 days later and converts, you'll still receive credit for it.

Finding your landing page

You can easily locate and copy your landing page from your partner dashboard.

  1. Head to and login

  2. Click on the copy icon

Changing your landing page

After being approved as a Beambox Partner, you may want to make some changes to your landing page. For example...

  • The link that customers use to reach it

  • The company name that displays on the page

Both of these can be changed by heading to your 'Settings' page.

  1. Head to and login

  2. Click on 'Settings' in the navigation

  3. Update your partner settings and click 'Save Settings'

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