As a Beambox Partner, you will receive commissions automatically when either of the following happens...

  1. An account you brought in makes a payment (Subscription commission)

  2. You bring in a new trial account (The trial bounty)

The subscription commission

The subscription commission is the best part of being a Beambox Partner, for good reason too. When one of your accounts converts, you will receive a 30% ongoing commission for the lifetime of the account's subscription.

It's a great way to build up compounding income, by providing value to your customers through the Beambox marketing platform.

To make your first recurring $1,000/month, you would only need to get to 39 accounts, based on average subscription values.

The trial bounty

The trial bounty is our way of saying thanks when you bring in a new trial account. Put simply, you get a one-off payment as soon as the account starts its trial, regardless of whether they convert into a paid account.

Use the table below to see your trial bounty based on your territory...

United States

$40 USD

United Kingdom

£30 GBP


$50 CAD

Rest of world

€30 EUR

The trial bounty gets added to your outstanding commissions instantly and has no minimum payout requirements.

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