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What are Interactions?
What are Interactions?

A look at Interaction Emails and SMS messages and how they are used

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Interactions (also known as drip marketing), enable you to automatically send personalised emails or SMS messages to your guests based on how they interact with your venue.

Interactions are a set of marketing emails that are automatically sent out when a customer sets off a trigger. You can use these types of emails or SMS messages to welcome new guests, send birthday wishes, reward loyal customers and re-engage customers that haven't visited recently.

Automated emails allow you to connect with your customers in a timely and relevant manner because once they’re set up they work on autopilot.

Due to the nature of targeted email Interactions, they also outperform general sends.

Open rates for Interaction emails are about 80% more than single sends (for example, email blasts), and average click-through rates are three times higher.

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