Setting up your Blast

Create an Email or SMS Blast from the platform

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  1. To create a new Blast go to the Grow tab located at the top of the platform:

2. Next, go ahead and select Blasts:

3. Select Create a new Blast:

4. You can now decide whether you want to send an Email or SMS Blast. If you're wanting to send an Email Blast, you also have the option to choose one of our pre-designed templates 🤩

Note: Choosing an email template will have the following predefined criteria already set:

  • Trigger

  • Name of Email Blast

  • Subject Line

However, you are still able to change or edit the trigger, name of the Blast or the subject line.

5. The next step in setting up your Email Blast is choosing the following:

  • Name (this is the name of your Blast and for your reference only

  • Subject line

  • From name

  • From email

Subject line

With up to 46% of email opens taking place on a mobile device, we recommend using subject lines with fewer than 50 characters. This will ensure your customers scanning your emails read the entire message.

You can personalize your subject lines with merge tags. For example, using [first-name] in your subject line will be replaced with the guest's first name.

Here are the merge tags we currently support:

  • [first-name] - Maria

  • [full-name] - Maria Sanchez

  • [birthday] - 15 January

  • [days-since-last-visit] - 5

  • [last-visit-date] - 5 March

  • [days-since-first-visit] - 267

  • [first-visit-date] - 21 December

From Name

Your From Name is the name your recipients will see as the sender. This will automatically be set to your business name. We recommend two variations for this;

Your business name, e.g 'The Pig & Apple' or a combination of personal and business, e.g 'Tom at The Pig & Apple'

If your recipients don't recognize the sender, they are less likely to open your email.

From Email

This is the email your recipients will see as the sender. It's also the address used as a reply-to. Make sure this is an active and frequently checked mailbox in case your guests respond to your email.

Some useful tips:

Use your business email address. A business domain instead of a generic domain, for example, Hotmail or Gmail will work better with spam filters.

Use the same address each time. This will build up your email sending reputation and decrease bounce rates

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