With the Embeddable Forms feature, you can easily capture your guest's information from your website. This information will automatically get added to your Beambox guest database.

To get started, head to your business drop-down menu:

Under the 'Marketing' tab, select 'Embeddable Forms':

To create a new embeddable form, select the 'New Embeddable Form' button and give your form a name.

Once you've entered your form name, save the form by selecting 'Create Embeddable Form'.

You can decide whether you would like your embeddable form to pop up upon visiting your website, or if you'd like to embed your form into a particular area on your website 👇

You can also configure the form fields by selecting the 'Configure your form fields' button. This allows you to decide which information you'd like to capture for your guest database:

If you'd like to embed a pop-up form on your website, you can choose whether you would like to display your logo on the form itself:

Helpful tip: You can also change your background and accent colours to match your branding👇

To embed your form on your website you'll need to copy the unique code:

If you'd like to quickly get your website code, edit or remove your form, you can do so using the icons below:

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