Our Forms feature lets you easily capture your guest's information from your website. This information will automatically populate your Beambox guest database.

Creating an embeddable Form

  • To get started, head to Capture located at the top of your dashboard, and then choose Forms:

  • Select the Create a new Form button and give your form a name:

  • Once you've entered your form name, select Next Step:

Note: You can decide whether you would like your embeddable form to Pop-Up upon visiting your website, or if you'd like to embed your form into an area on your website by selecting Inline:

  • To configure the form fields on your embeddable form select the Configure your form fields button. This allows you to decide which customer information you'd like to capture:

Note: If you choose the option for your embeddable form to pop up on your website, you have the choice of whether to display your logo or not by selecting Show Image:

Helpful tip: You can change your background and accent colours to match your branding:

  • Once you've finished editing your form and to obtain the embed code for your website, select Get Embed Code:

  • You'll need to enter the following Embed code on your website in order for your form to display:

  • Once you've copied your embed code, select Save & Continue:

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