Use Twilio integration to automatically send SMS messages to your guests when they become part of a certain segment.

To get started just follow the below steps:

  • Select your company name in the top-right hand corner

  • Within the dropdown menu select Integrations >Twilio >Manage

  • Head to your Twilio console and copy across your Account SID and Auth Token into Beambox.

  • In the Beambox integration page select > Activate Integration. Beambox will connect to your Twilio account and then provide you with a list of your numbers, a segment to select as a trigger and the SMS message you would like to send.

Note: When selecting a segment, it is recommended that you create a new custom segment containing guests who have phone numbers. This will make it easier to keep track of the guests receiving SMS messages.

  • Once completed, select Update Integration.

Beambox will check hourly for new members of your selected segment and send them your SMS message. ✉️

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