Use the Twilio integration to automatically send SMS messages to your guests when they enter a segment.

To get started, head to the Twilio integration page in your Beambox account. You can reach this page by going to your account dropdown and selecting 'Integrations' and then 'Twilio'.

Now, head to your Twilio console and copy across your Account SID and Auth Token into Beambox.

In the Beambox integration page, select 'Activate Integration'. Beambox will connect to your Twilio account and then provide you with a list of your numbers, a segment to select as a trigger and the SMS message you would like to send.

Note: When selecting a segment, it is recommended that you create a new custom segment containing guests who have phone numbers present. This makes it easier to keep track of your guests that are receiving SMS messages.

Once completed, select 'Update Integration'. Beambox will check hourly for new members of your selected segment and send them your SMS message.

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