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Getting started with Review Automator

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Getting started with Review Automator is easy and takes just a few minutes. Our Review Automator will provide you with an overview of all of your online reviews in one central place. It works by first connecting to your review sites and collecting all of your previous reviews.

If your guests rate 4 or 5 stars they will be asked to leave their review publicly, however, if they choose a rating of 3 stars or less they will be redirected to an internal feedback form.

  • To get started, head to the Learn tab located at the top of the platform:

  • Next, choose Reviews:

  • Select Activate Review Automator:

  • A box will open allowing you to add your review pages for Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp:

Note: For Facebook TripAdvisor and Yelp, you will simply need to enter the web address for your review pages.

For Google, you must enter the search query to bring up your reviews on Google.

Typically, the best combination is your operating name and your full address. (E.g Social Pantry 170A Lavender Hill, SW11 5TG). If you enter a web address for Google, it will not work and your reviews will not be displayed. 

  • Once you have added at least one review site, select Activate Review Automator:

  • Beambox will now begin collecting your past reviews. Typically this takes around 60 minutes.

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