Review Automator gives you an overview of all of your online reviews in one central place. Using our Review Automator will push your positive reviews online and deflect any negative ones.

It works by first connecting to your review sites and collecting all of your previous reviews. At the same time, a new Interaction email will be created which will be sent to your guests asking them to leave a review.

If your guests rate 4 or 5 stars they will be asked to leave their review on one of your review sites. However, if they choose a rating of 3 stars or less they will be redirected to an internal feedback form πŸ‘‡

The feedback will be visible on your Reviews dashboard, however, it won't be published to any online review sites. This lets you deflect the negative review without losing any guest experience insight.

You can also alter the trigger on the email to decide when your guests are prompted to rate their visit. And just like any Interaction, you can completely customise your email with our drag-and-drop designer 🀩

If you have more than one online review page set up, it will first give them the option to select which site they would like to use to leave a review.

Which review sites do we currently integrate with?

The review sites we currently integrate with are TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews.

Some notes on Review Automator:

  • Your online review pages will sync on a 24-hour basis to display new reviews πŸ•’

  • Feedback left through the feedback form will display instantly

  • Beambox will run a check every day to match up your reviews to users of your WiFi login

  • You can disable or enable Review Automator at any time

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