Zapier is a data connector that allows you to send your Beambox data to over 500+ third-party apps and services in real-time.

Zapier consists of Zaps, which are sequences for moving your data around. For example, you can create a Zap that listens out for new Beambox data and then sends it to your ConstantContact mailing list. You can also set up filters to conditionally import data.

To get started, you will need to have a Zapier account set up and ready to use. Then, head to the Beambox Zapier Integration page and copy the Zapier Link URL into your browser.

When making a Zap, you will be able to search for Beambox as a trigger account. When doing this, Zapier will ask for your Beambox API key which can be found on your Beambox Zapier Integration page.

Once done, Zapier will pull in some sample data from your Beambox account and you will be ready to move to the action stage.

The action stage is where you can select a destination account for your Beambox data. You will be able to pick from over 500+ third-party apps and services, then you can map your data across.

Once your Zap is enabled, Beambox will send across new guest profiles in real-time.

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