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Downloading your guest database
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The easiest way to export your Beambox data is through CSV exporting. You can download a real-time reflection of your database at any time from your Beambox account.

Note: For security reasons, the link expires after 15 minutes of being emailed to you. There is no limit on requesting new links 🙂

Exporting by segments

To export the guests belonging to a segment, head to the Guests tab within the dashboard.

Your segment will be 'All Guests' by default, however, if you only want to export a certain group of guests, you can select another segment from the left-side menu.

Once you have selected the segment that you would like to export, select the download icon located in the top right-hand corner of the guest database table.

Next input the email address you'd like the export to be sent to and select 'Export'.

Exporting by location

To export all guests belonging to a certain location, head to Locations in your navigation.

Select on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the location that you would like to export. In the dropdown, select 'Export as CSV'.

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