Beambox provides an integration with MailChimp that will sync your database daily to a selected list.

To get started, head to the MailChimp integration after logging into Beambox.

Now, head over to MailChimp and log in to your account. We will need your account API key to have permission to send the data to your account.

To find your API key, head to the API keys section by clicking on your profile in the top-right and clicking Account > Extras > API Keys

Scroll down to Your API keys and if you already have one, copy it and paste it into the Beambox integration page. If you don't have one yet, click Create a Key and then copy it across.

Now, click Load lists on the Beambox integration page and we will fetch your MailChimp lists. Once they are loaded, select a list to feed your data into and click Save Integration.

Every day we will check for new Beambox guest profiles and send them over to MailChimp for you.

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