You can automatically personalise your Blasts and Interactions using merge tags. When added, our email system will automatically personalise each email to the recipient for you.

Currently, we support the following merge tags:

  • [first-name] - John

  • [full-name] - John Smith

  • [birthday] - 15 January

  • [days-since-last-visit] - 65

  • [last-visit-date] - 5 March

  • [days-since-first-visit] - 267

  • [first-visit-date] - 21 December

To use merge tags, select a text element and click 'Merge tags' in the toolbar

Once clicked, a menu will open with the different tags that can be imported.

Select a tag and it will be added to your text. It will appear in brackets, for example '[birthday]' or '[full-name]'.

When Beambox processes your email sending, we will replace these tags automatically with the personalised data.

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