Block settings

When clicking on a content block or a row block, a menu will open on the right-hand side with customisation settings for the selected block.

For example, here we have selected a row and we are given options to customise the background colour (or image), inner content colour as well as column options and padding.

When clicking on content menus, they will contain settings that are specific to the content type. For example, a buttons menu will contain the link settings, button colours, alignment and width.

What is padding?

Padding is spacing between the borders of the block and its inner content. It makes content look better with improved spacing.

You can click 'More Options' above the padding setting to edit each sides padding individually.

What is 'do not stack on mobile'?

Do not stack on mobile prevents each column in a row from appearing on top of each other on smaller devices. For example, in a 2 column row with this enabled, both columns will be next to each other regardless of device size.

Editing text

When clicking on the text, a small menu will appear with font and type settings.

This menu provides all options to get your text looking exactly how you need it. You can change the font type, size and weight as well as manage alignment and links.

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