Before adding content blocks to your email, you must first fill it with rows that create the desired layout.

Click on the 'Rows' tab and you will be presented with different row layouts. Each block in a row can contain one content block.

For example, take the 2 block row and drag and drop it onto your email.

You now have 2 blocks where content items can be added.

On the 'Content' tab you can then drag and drop the content types you would like to use.

For example, if we drag text and a button to the 2-column row we dragged in previously, it will look like this.

And that's it! you now have customisable content that is structured. Beambox uses the row layouts to create mobile friendly versions of your email design.

You can manage the row by clicking on the outer area of the row.

In the top-right hand corner of the row can duplicate or delete. On the left hand side you can drag the row to re-locate it.

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