In this step, you can configure a recipe. A recipe is a set of criteria that when a guest matches, they will receive your Interaction email.

Using preset recipes

Our preset recipes show examples of how Interactions can be used to automate event-driven emailing. Event-driven emails provide high level personalisation and targeting, they are unbeatable in terms of ROI and engagement rates.

Here are some examples of how our presets can be used..

  • New customer first visited 3 days ago - Welcome them to your business and invite them to leave a review
  • Loyal customer hasn't visited in 60 days - Invite them back with an offer or discount
  • Customers birthday is next week - Send them a Happy Birthday email and invite them to visit your business
  • Customer has reached 10 tracked visits - Reward and thank them for their loyalty

Making your own recipe

You can also make your own recipe to have full control over who you want to target. Simply fill out the filters as required.

Note that Interactions will go out to existing guests who meet the criteria set, not just new ones. Avoid setting vague filters that could send emails to previous guests.

Here's some typical uses for Interactions..

  • Retention - Prevent customer churn by picking up on inactive guests and inviting them back. 
  • Converting new guests to loyal customers - Send engagement emails to new guests and nurture them into long-term customers. Use filters such as birthday wishes for a personal touch.
  • Increase engagement - Prompt guests to follow you on social media, leave a review or join your loyalty program.
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