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To get started you will need to pick your:

  • Subject line
  • From name
  • From email.

Subject Line

Your subject line will be the first thing recipients will see in their mailbox. It should be eye-catching, to the point and be descriptive of the email content.

Some tips...

  • Don't capitalise the entire subject line
  • Keep it short for mobile devices, 68 characters is recommended
  • Don't use too many symbols, however, an exclamation or question mark is great for grabbing attention

You can also personalise your subject lines with merge tags. For example, using [first-name] in your subject line will be replaced with the guests first name. 

Here are the merge tags we currently support:

  • [first-name] - John
  • [full-name] - John Smith
  • [birthday] - 15 January
  • [days-since-last-visit] - 65
  • [last-visit-date] - 5 March
  • [days-since-first-visit] - 267
  • [first-visit-date] - 21 December

From Name

This is the name your recipients will see as the sender. We recommend two variations for this.

  1. Your business name, e.g "The Pig & Apple" 
  2. A combination of personal and business, e.g "Tom at The Pig & Apple"

If your recipients don't recognise the sender, they are less likely to open your email.

From Email

This is the email your recipients will see as the sender. It's also the address used as a Reply-to. Make sure this is an active and frequently checked mailbox incase guests respond to your email.

Some tips...

  • Use your business email address, a business domain instead of a generic domain (Hotmail, Gmail etc) will work better with spam filters
  • Use the same address each time, to build up your email sending reputation and decrease bounce rates
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