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Thinking of cancelling your plan?
Thinking of cancelling your plan?

Cancelling or changing your plan

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Have you considered switching to a better-suited plan? Check out our plan comparison here and let us know which plan is the best fit for your venue 😀

Haven't used your Beambox yet?

If you haven't used your Beambox yet, we are happy to extend your trial to give you a chance to see what Beambox can do for your venue. You can let us know by logging into your account and sending us an instant message, or alternatively, get in touch via email.

Still want to cancel?

Plug & Play

Beambox requires the return of all hardware to close a billing account. In order to be provided with the best return address, you can send us an instant message by logging into your account, or alternatively, get in touch via email.

All other installation methods

Please request cancellation via live support from your account or send us an email. Our team will then assist you in closing your account right away.


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