After your guests successfully connect to your WiFi, they will be redirected to your welcome page.

You can either display your default landing page or redirect them to any external URL.

Using the default landing page

If you're keeping things simple, the default landing page will let your guests know that they are connected to the internet with a branded page.

You can change the title and text on this page, as well as add a call-to-action button if you are looking to prompt the guest further.

For example..

  • Ask guests to leave a review
  • Promote your Instagram page
  • Check-in on Facebook

Setting a custom URL

The custom URL feature will skip the default landing page, redirecting your guests to a website of your choice.

Double check that you are entering a valid URL, which should start with http:// or https://.

Use the custom URL to:

  • Drive traffic your guests to your website
  • Provide a bespoke landing page
  • Send guests directly to leave a review

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