Beambox uses your WiFi to connect, capture and keep more customers by combining a perfect WiFi experience with an all-in-one marketing platform.

It's all powered by the plug and play access point that we send out to when you sign up for a trial. See how easy it is to install here.

What can I do with Beambox?

  • Brand, customise and manage your WiFi in real-time online.
  • Grow your social media pages automatically when a guest uses your WiFi.
  • Launch email campaigns and automate emails when your guests match a certain criteria.
  • Visualise your guest demographics and your venues traffic over time.
  • Capture guest data and sync it with over 500+ apps and services.

Who uses Beambox?

  • Restaurants who want to grow their social media, capture marketing data and launch powerful email campaigns.
  • Bars & Pubs who want to get their guests connected quickly, while increasing their marketing reach and local social media presence.
  • Cafes who want to take control of their WiFi and ensure compliance, while providing a perfect customer experience.
  • Retail businesses that want to capture consumer data and send automated emails based on customer behaviour.
  • Salons & Barbers that want to provide a personal WiFi experience that helps them retain loyalty.
  • Accommodation businesses that want to take control of their network, capture guest data and enable re-marketing.

Beambox is designed to be flexible and of value to all types of SMB's, from bars and restaurants to karting tracks and dentists.

What sets Beambox apart?

Beambox manufactures its own plug and play hardware, specifically designed to accommodate SMB's that don't need bespoke set-ups like a stadium or train station would.

Because of our industry focus, we are one of the only providers who manufacture our own hardware and cut out expensive third-party hardware. This means no set-up costs and no complex installation.

It also means our platform is designed around these businesses, meaning we can better support our customers and add ultimate value with relevant features that are easy to use.

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